Published: October 17, 2020

Is age just a number?

Last week IBJJF made Pan Ams happen again! A huge victory for the BJJ community. Among many highlights of what can be considered “things are finally starting to get back to normal” for us, one seemed to be unanimous: The battle of these 2 young ladies in the picture. The picture was shared for many people and BJJ channels, showing how incredible it is that Jiu-Jitsu seems to be the one sport where age is really not a problem. So here comes the question: Is age just a number?

Maybe yes, maybe not. We all experience aging differently, no doubt.

This has much to do with the decisions we make since young age and through the course of our lives. Our lifestyle influences how we are going to spend our “old” days, no question.

But I don’t want to get into the ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ conversation. Instead, I wanna talk about how despite their age – and how did they live their lives before Jiu-Jitsu – they made a decision to step into something like martial arts. And Jiu-Jitsu welcomed them. Everything starts with a DECISION. I hear all time people saying “I wish I had started younger”. My answer usually is: “Instead of focusing on what could have been, enjoy the moment and everything Jiu-Jitsu has to offer you”. Maybe you are out of shape. Maybe you want to learn to defend yourself. Maybe you need support of a community around you. Or maybe you always wanted to try and either never had the chance or just didn’t pull the trigger.

It doesn’t matter the reason. If you’re reading this, you still have time. Go find a Jiu-Jitsu gym near you and start your path in one of the greatest sports you will ever experience.

Stay healthy and see you next time!!!

Published: October 17, 2020

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