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Build Better Humans Before Great Champions

At American Martial Art Academy, we believe in developing strong core values, giving back to our community, and creating fit and driven individuals

For thousands of years, the martial arts have been a path to self-betterment for people the world over. Now we're bringing the expertise of our talented instructors to the D'Iberville, Biloxi, and Ocean Springs areas, offering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo classes to students as young as four years old. It's never too early (or too late!) to get started on building confidence, discipline, and creating positive growth.

By offering a variety of dynamic martial arts courses on a flexible schedule, and providing customized fitness classes designed around our tailored G.R.I.T. system (Group Resistance Intensity Training), we can help you move better, live healthier, and revitalize your fitness.

Get started on building character, living better, and becoming the best person you can be. The first step in your journey is here at American Martial Art Academy.

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I am grateful to have both Professor Delgado and his wife Thaís impart to my daughters how they can strive towards becoming their best self through Jiu Jitsu. They continuously emphasize respect and inspire my girls to fight hard during class by reminding them that their intensity is what helps their classmates become better. Though they will push your children to expand their capabilities, they are VERY patient and encouraging. Though Professor Delgado leads every class (unless competing), he has a team of exceptional coaches that will also be present to ensure children have the attention they will need to stay focused and the feedback they will need to grow. I find it particularly impressive that they limit the number of students that can enroll in younger classes and maintain a 2 to 1 ratio of students to coaches to ensure they can properly guide development. It is clear they prioritize the needs of their students. Though Professor Delgado’s accomplished career in Jiu Jitsu and Thaís’ background in education are enough to encourage anyone to give this academy a shot, the greater potential my girls realized under their guidance is the reason I believe enrolling in Biloxi’s AAMA may be one of the best things you can do for your kids.

Isaac Hudgins

The quality of training is world class! The details are so precise anyone can learn the techniques.. the professionalism is outstanding, great environment for not only the adult but also for the children. I wouldn't hold any place higher of standard... AMAA is truly a jiu jitsu competitor/practitioner/hobbyists gold mine right here at home on the gulf coast.

Codye Landry

Professor Leo and Thais are so welcoming! The experience for my son and I has been amazing so far. The environment is very welcoming and everyone at the gym is so friendly. Prof Leo and the other instructors take their time to teach you and help you along. When my son or I are struggling or exhausted, they are always there to pep us up and motivate us. The fundamentals class moves along at a steady pace that really allows you to learn. The prices are also very very reasonable. I would highly recommend the academy to anyone!

Chauncey Celis

Awesome structured class for our three and a half year old. Instructors are patient and would definitely recommend to anyone of any age.

Ryan Laube

I am extremely happy with American Martial Art Academy. My son and I are learning jujitsu together and the family atmosphere here is very inviting. The schedule is perfect because if life gets in the way there are classes you can attend all week. I am very happy we joined. Thank you Professor Leo, Instructor Jim, and the rest of the staff!!

Robert Alley

AMAA is an awesome, safe, and positive learning and training facility for people of all ages! Our preschooler loves everything about the Tiny Tykes class Lisa and Jim teach at AMAA.

Chelsea Laube

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